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In this book, Komal can show you the way to enhance your relationships by demonstrating how to avoid jealousy and connect with people on a genuine level, both in platonic and romantic relationships. She can show you how to advance your career by fostering healthy competition (i.e. not keying someone’s car over the last donut in the breakroom), networking with genuine people, avoiding the dreaded “blame game," and keeping your ego in check while avoiding the siren call of distracting technology. Because, let’s be honest: social media is an alluring mermaid, but you’re a sailor, and your newsfeed is little more than a menacing bank of pointy rocks.

Creating balance in your life is now possible, thanks to advice on embracing time for personal reflection, finding an emotional refuge to avoid a burnout (i.e. those nights you spend crying in the fetal position while eating a metric ton of cookies), and learning to find harmony within yourself in today’s fast-paced environment– all while identifying and pursuing your passions. Want to take up rock climbing? Great! Have you always wanted to learn how to dance? Awesome! Do you want to fulfill your lifelong dream of starting a mouse circus? That’s a little weird, but whatever—YOLO!

Finally, Komal Sudhir (Author) provides the tools you need to reach out and empower not only yourself, but your community. Her anecdotal illustrations encompass the breadth of her experience, and it’s through these stories that you can find parallels to your own life and create personalized solutions that are right for you. You are in charge of your own life, so only you can go after what you want and make the choices that feel right for you. I hope this book helps you do just that, for there’s no time to waste: you only live once!

"If you have multiple interests in life, don’t feel lost. You have the highest probability of being creative because you can connect your interests and experiences into unique solutions." - YOLO


Emily Regan

"It would be great if, upon becoming an adult, someone handed you a how-to guide for navigating your life.

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Shrutika Shedshale

 Komal Sudhir, has a crisp and lucid writing style.

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Amr Shehata

I'm not a real fan of self-help books, and I generally think they are all a shuffled version of one another. But what struck me in YOLO is how much Komal Sudhir diverged from the typical self-help style of writing while maintaining all the elements of the genre.

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Amresh Mala

Yolo is simple and yet impactful, it covers a wide spectrum of topics impacting every day life and dilemma’s faced by today’s generation.

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Jennifer Salas

Yolo was a great easy read, an honest book and made me chuckle in every chapter.

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Komal Sudhir


A 27-year-old investment professional and dancer at heart!

She believes strongly in following one’s passions, whether they are dancing, writing, skydiving, or building luxurious tiny homes for chickens–she doesn’t judge. She hopes that in writing about relationships, work, and life and in drawing from her personal experiences, she has created something relatable and helpful for others. But, if you’re looking for blueprints for luxurious tiny chicken homes, those aren’t included in this book. However, Komal is your biggest supporter if you want to follow that passion and draw up the plans. For non-chicken related questions, she can be reached on Facebook as Komal Sudhir, or via email at yoloebook@gmail.com

Words from the Author

It’s true that you only live once and there is no do-over—this is all you get. Often, many people feel like they’re not living up to their fullest potential or living life as richly as they could. Unfortunately, many people don’t know exactly where to turn or they’re afraid to ask for help for whatever reason. Maybe they’re scared to open up to others?

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